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About Your Guide

about your guide

Albert Lane, a registered Maine Guide, has 30 years guiding and fishing experience on Maine rivers and ponds, giving him the knowledge to make your casting easy and productive. Albert grew up in the small Maine town of West Peru on the banks of the Androscoggin River. He has been fishing since he was old enough to ride in his father’s backpack. His father, also a Maine guide, and forest warden, inspired Albert's love for the wilderness. 


In 1987 Albert worked a couple of years at the Nahmakanta Sporting Camps. After which he returned to the town he was born, in the Androscoggin River Valley. Over the next 10 years he built his homestead and worked as a logger. He became a registered Maine guide in 1999 and started his own guide service. He has continued to guide over the past 20+ years taking hundreds of clients down the river. The river and mountains have always played a big part of his life. He currently lives with with family in a solar powered log cabin on a nearby mountain.


Years ago, Albert ran his small dog team in the winter, which attracted the attention of photographer Lanye Kennedy and writer Greg Breining for a book about ice fishing. Albert, his dog team, fish, and shelter were all photographed. Albert and his team are mentioned and appear multiple times throughout Layne Kennedy & Greg Breining book “A Hard-Water World: Ice Fishing and Why We Do It”. 



Albert also guides foliage trips on the river where the scenery is amazing; with water fowl, eagles, otters, moose and deer. The river is lined with numerous varieties of trees and shrubs of many colors. It is clear he enjoys working as a Maine guide with his passion about the rivers, ponds, and lakes where he grew up. Come join Albert as your guide and let him share the thrill of this river with you and show you some of Maine’s best fishing around.


Albert lane's driveway during winter

Father and Son


Since 1982 I have been a professional logger. as I got older I started my own guide service, and now I cut wood in the winter and guide in the summer, when I am not to busy taking my son fishing.

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