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Albert Lane does float trips on the 
Androscoggin River, rapid river/pond in the river, and trout ponds (classified), the prices for the trips will be 350 dollars a day for 2 people.

To book a trip send a email to Albert Lane at or call 207-418-5558


Camping - New for 2023


Through logging, I’ve had the opportunity to become good friends with a landowner who has given me the opportunity to use his land for guided trips. This is 450 acres of land selectively cut, but still has a lot of old growth pine. This land was purchased with the intent of preservation and the love of nature. 


The campsite borders the Chesterville Wildlife Management Area (CWMA) on two sides.The CWMA was purchased by the state for it’s unique forested wetlands. There is around eight miles of flat water with numerous beaver dams along the way. This is an awesome place for birdwatching, nature watching and fishing. Within the CWMA is a beautiful spring fed pond with largemouth bass and white perch.   


The campsite is located where the trees surrounding it are 2-6 feet in diameter. No undergrowth, just one of the prettiest places I’ve seen to put up a campsite in my life. This place is amazing! If you are looking to get out into nature without traveling very far, this is it. You will never have to worry about someone in the next campsite interrupting your trip. This place will be yours for the extent of your trip.


Just as I am the cook at home, making most of the family meals from scratch, I will be your chief on our trip. My magic with spices can be achieved at the campsite for a tasty and filling evening meal, such as thai, italian, mexican, seafood, classic camp food, steaks over an open fire and pizza can easily be created in the woods. There are some wines and beers which are locally brewed that will complement any meal. 


(Photos coming soon…after the snow clears.)


bird watching

more info coming soon

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